No rooftop yet grateful

We often forgot to be so real-grateful for what we have NOW.

Yeah, true.
Some example?
See spots in our house, some comfy spots that are rarely used. Honestly, we used to forgot to realize how comfy it is.

I realize this 6 month since we moved back to Merdeka 164 again, I rarely go to the third floor, which is a no-rooftop area. Actually an area which is made to hang and let dry the washed clothes. (yes right, ‘jemuran’ in the bahasa).


The view from the no-rooftop area

This no rooftop area, I actually ‘forgot’ to enjoy this spot. Why did i forgot? Just because. I dont even know why. Well now, i notice how calm my mind became when I go up there, make time to just sit, look at the sky and also make time to think about life, reflect my past and plan a better days ahead.

In this early 2017, i want to become a person who really enjoy the little things in the present. Notice every little positive things in my daily life, and be more grateful.

Especially the little things. Yes, the little.
So many little things happened in our daily life, every single day. That’s what we need to be grateful at. Then the other positive little things will follow. And that’s how life became so beautiful and great. In our own mind. I think that’s what they often called, mindset, isn’t it? Then what happened outside your mind became beautiful too, because our mind attract the same thing, its called law of attraction.


Hope starting this January and always every now and then in the future, I can be an excellent grateful person, take the grateful mindset to another high level, surround myself with a positive beautiful things, person, friends, community and situation. *praying

By the way, That’s just a little example from my side about one little things in my daily life, the comfy spots.

What’s yours?


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